Sustainable Furniture: Join our Journey in 2024

Sustainable Product Journey

Our journey to provide sustainable furniture begins amidst the radiata pine forests of the South Island, where trees are grown and sustainably harvested. This wood forms the backbone of our MDF panels made in the Nelson Pine factory.

Once transformed into MDF, these panels are shipped to our cutting-edge factory in the sunny Northland. Here, each panel undergoes the lamination process using premium European laminates, before being meticulously cut into components for each unit.

Our skilled assembly team then brings these components together, carefully crafting each unit. However, it must pass our quality control bench before it is wrapped and packed onto one of our state-of-the-art Platform 10 trucks.

Once on board, our furniture sets out on the journey across the landscape of beautiful New Zealand. Our products are delivered to homes, offices, and businesses across the nation.

At Compac Home, we take pride in every step of our manufacturing process. From ethically sourcing materials to the craftsmanship on each unit, we are dedicated to delivering quality furniture.

Come join us on this journey as we strive to create more functional, more beautiful spaces. Whether it’s a cosy abode or a bustling workspace, we have the perfect piece to enhance every environment.