Being a good corporate citizen is important to us at Compac Group. We work hard to balance the needs of our staff and customers while always considering the environmental impact of business operations on our environment.

We make our products to last and reduce waste wherever we can. No harsh chemicals or other harmful substances are used in our manufacturing process or onsite.

Our products are New Zealand-made from 98% New Zealand-grown raw materials. That helps minimise our carbon footprint and supports other Kiwi companies, and employers.

We manufacture in Dargaville from wood sourced from FSC-certified, sustainably harvested, New Zealand radiata pine forests. The fast-growing pine produces wood with long, strong fibres which, when processed, gives excellent screw-holding stability. This avoids warping and extends the useful life of the final products.

Panels are laminated without the use of any toxic chemicals. Durable, eco-friendly, European wood-product laminate papers are used rather than plastics. No rainforest products are used in any phase of our manufacturing. We guarantee it.

Our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient factory runs 100% on electricity generated from New Zealand’s mostly (82%) renewable energy grid.

We re-use and recycle. All cardboard is recycled locally, and our wood waste is composted. When our products leave us, wherever practical, they’re protected in transit by re-usable furniture blankets not unnecessary extra packaging.

It’s not a bad start. But we know we can still do better. Our goal is to be not only the leading laminate and furniture manufacturer in New Zealand but also the most sustainable. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!