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Our Drive to Deliver

Here at Compac Home we’ve been delivering from our factory to your stores since 2018. Our fleet has grown to 4 trucks, delivering nationwide. We strive to ensure industry-leading delivery times for the benefit of you and your customers.

Previously, using out-sourced delivery services, we found we couldn’t deliver the way we wanted to. On-time and intact. With you as our focus, our in-house delivery service brings you supply certainty, reduced risk of damaged products, and is an extension of the care we take when making our simply great, kiwi furniture.


Did you know, our trucks travel an average of 4,050 km per week? From one end of this beautiful country to the other, our drivers bring you the best we have to offer, in products and service. We believe in the importance of being NZ-Made, and we extend that to being NZ delivered. Great Kiwi products, made by Kiwi’s and delivered by Kiwi’s, for Kiwi’s.

Sustainability 101: Eco Choice Aotearoa Licence

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Drawer Runners

Since Compac Home first began making furniture back in 1995, our products have improved substantially thanks to updated capabilities and advancing technology. The first drawer units…